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Each Health Worker (student) are taking vitals and assessing the patient and conferring with Merry

nursing school 1
nursing school 2
nursing school 3
nursing school 4
nursing school 5

Lumber loaded - ready to make porta-potty's (should be interesting, this will be our first attempt at this)

potty 1
potty 2

Ohhhhhhh! Look what I found. We picked up some avocado trees as well.

plants 2
plants 3
It's always good to have an Agronomme student with you -
she found us some Mango trees

This is a gov't nursing school the students only have to pay a small amount to attend for a 4 year degree

school 1
school 2
School 3
school 4

Today, we are taking Merry around to some of the Nursing schools in Les Cayes. This is one of the labs the nursing students use

les cayes 1Les 1 Cayes
Les Cayes 2
Les Cayes 3
Les Cayes 4

Today we are doing home visits with our Community Health Workers for hands on experience. Merry listens for the B/P to make sure they are getting accurate readings. The Workers (students) are going over the diagnosis and meds for the patients
home visit 1
Home visit 2
Home visit 3
Home visit 4
Home visit 5

Crowds line up for mobile clinics: 

  Conditions at the public hospitals have been deteriorating for years. While treatment is subsidized, patients are forced to buy the basics, including gloves and syringes. Machines are often broken, operating rooms are filthy and power outages are common even during surgery, doctors say. (Miami Herald)

One doctor per 4,000 people, access to health care is extremely limited, especially in rural areas such as Chabin where the ratio is as low as 0.2 physicians per 10,000 people. (REACHH)

According to CIA World fact book. There are 1.3 hospital beds per 1000 people

mobile clinic 5
mobile clinic 2
mobile clinic 3
mobile clinic 4
mobile clinic
clinic 2017 1
clinic 2017 2
clinic 2017 3
clinic 2017 4
clinic 2017 5

First day of 'Community Health Worker Seminar - Merry, Instructor from Lower Colombia college, from Washington state going over basics with the nurses
In our Community Health Worker Seminar, besides basic health care - Merry will be teaching workers : roles and responsibilities, communication and community mobilization (including developing education for communities), cholera and diarrheal diseases, parasites, monitoring of chronic conditions (such as diabetes and hypertension), family planning, reproductive health.

The nurses love that Merry is showing them how to use different instruments. They are really fascinated with the pulse oximeter
Haitian nurces 1
Haitian nurces 2
Haitian nurces 3
Haitian nurces 4

Conversations have been incredible and good questions. Today we touched on Spiritual diseases, witch doctors and voodoo in the Community Health Worker Seminar



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