Haiti's Children, Inc

Food Supplies

Some of the supplies loaded and going to the field location - team coming soon

Food truck 1
Food truck 2
Food truck 3
Food truck 4
Food truck 5
Food truck 6

18,000 pounds of food moved - packed and stacked! 5 tired campers! Whew!

Food shippment 1
Food shippment 2
Food shippment 3

Look what I found last night! The five of us moved half of a 40ft container of food and underneath was a living room! Whoa!!! There's even windows.

Food Supplies 1
Food Supplies 2
Food Supplies 3
Food Supplies 4

Loading the truck carrying all of our supplies to Twamango this morning.

Feed Haiti 1
Feed Haiti 2
Feed Haiti 3
Feed Haiti 4
Feed Haiti 5
Feed Haiti 6
Feed Haiti 7
Feed Haiti 8
Feed Haiti 9




For more information about helping the children of Haiti,
Give Gladys the number associated to the child and she will provide
the information about that child
contact Gladys: gladynhaiti@yahoo.com

You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child