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Care PackageBelow please read a few stories on people that have received the first prosthesis in the south (Les Cayes). Dr. June and Advantage Haiti would like to help provide "fitted prosthesis" you can donate through Haitis Children, Inc or you can go direct to Dr. June Hanks web site at. www.advantagehaiti.com


Andre Rose Aclime

Andre Rose AclimeI would like to introduce you to is Andre Rose Alcime - she is another one of about 15 people that received the first prosthesis her in Les Cayes.

Andre was living on 3rd Avenue in Port-A-Prince.  She lost two children in the earthquake when a 3-story house fell on top of her home. 

Andre was crushed under the debris from 5:00 (right around the time of the earthquake) until noon the next day.  She said it felt like she was there for 3 days.  It took a long time for help to arrive.   She was crying out for help when a group of people in the neighborhood heard her and dug her out.  They had to cut through the iron re-bar.  

A vehicle from the Catholic Sisters brought her to General Hospital in Les Cayes.  She was at General Hospital for 5 days before being moved to Brenda Stafford Clinic - a hospital that was set up in the yard of the Clinic to help with the overflow of patients coming in from the PAP area.  It was at the Brenda Stafford clinic that her leg was amputated. 

She is still having trouble with her other leg, which has a brace on it and has not completely healed so she is having trouble walking with her new prosthesis. 


Russ W Fernel

The next person is Fernel, he is a 15 year old.  Since the first time I met him in the hospital back in January, he has always had a positive attitude.   He received a backpack from Russ W.

Fernel was at his house in Carrefour (suburb just outside of PAP - near the epicenter of the earthquake) when his house fell down.  His sister Myrlande was there, but was outside.  Family and neighbors helped dig Fernel out from under the debris.  They finally got him out around 11:00 the evening of the earthquake.

Russ W-FrenelThe hospitals in PAP would not receive him, they were all over packed.  The family had to rent a vehicle to bring him to Les Cayes.  They first went to General Hospital which directed him to Bon Finn hospital about 45 minutes away.  Bon Finn redirected Fernel back to Les Cayes to Citi Lumiere hospital.  On January Fernel & lorika20th, Dr. Bill amputated his leg.










Meet Olivier - he received a backpack from Elizabeth.  The day of the earthquake he was inside his house.  The house above his fell down on his house.
He was laying on his back and was covered in debris.  He felt like he was underground.  Olivier was able to drag himself out from under the debris - someone picked him up and took him to the Red Cross.  He spent 4 days there and did not receive any care according to Olivier - every hospital they tried to take him to was not receiving patients, they were over flowed. 
On Saturday, January 16th a priest brought him to Citi Lumier Olivierhospital in Les Cayes. 
Olivier said, that since he has arrived in Les Cayes, he has received very good care.  He is thankful to be alive - he didn't think he would live or would have a life after losing his leg. 
The doctor here at Citi Lumiere has assured him that he would receive a prosthesis.  Through donations made to Advantage Haiti (Dr. June Hanks) he is one of the first patients to receive a fitted prosthesis in the Les Cayes area. 
Olivier said he has resigned himself to this is the way God has designed his life for him. 



Fitted Prosthesis 1   There are many more stories of people like this that's still need your help, you can donate through Haitis Children, Inc (please mark Check as "fitted prosthesis") or you can go direct to Dr. June Hanks web site at. www.advantagehaiti.com.
Please help these people walk again.Carol-Alexandra









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