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Added 2-4-2011

Through the blessings of others we were able to provide food to 200 families in the community.  Two hundred tickets were handed out to people in the community of Simon.  At random we chose a few numbers in which that participant received an additional gift:  One young lady in Secondary school received a bicycle for traveling to and from school.  While two others received a care package with hygiene products, additional food, and gifts. 
We thank God for the many blessings provided through others. 

God's blessings

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Added 2-4-2011

Thank you Trinity Lutheran Church Hustler/Fountain, WI   /  Chapel on the Hill, Lake Geneva  WI   /   Shepherd of the Lakes, Waupaca, WI   /  St. Paul Lutheran, Beloit WI    /  JRS Dist, Racine, WI,  for the beautiful dresses for the children, and wash cloths that were sewn, crocheted, and knitted with love.  We were able to provide clothing to over 200 children. 

God's blessings

wash cloth HCI 1   wash cloth HCI 2   wash cloth HCI 3    wash cloth HCI 5    wash cloth HCI 6

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2 nd Annual HAITI Golf Outing

To see more Photo's of the HAITI Golf Outing follow the link

Haiti Golf Outing 1682    Haiti Golf Outing 1697    Haiti Golf Outing 1701    Haiti Golf Outing 1722

Haiti Golf Outing 1729    Haiti Golf Outing 1740    Haiti Golf Outing 1745    Haiti Golf Outing 1748

Trinity & HCI team up to ship a container of Earthquake Relief donations to Haiti

To see more of the Container Shipment pictures follow this link

shipment to Haiti 1754   shipment to Haiti 1755    shipment to Haiti 1803    shipment to Haiti 1804    shipment to Haiti 1805

shipment to Haiti 1806    shipment to Haiti 1807    shipment to Haiti 1808    shipment to Haiti 1809    shipment to Haiti 1810

shipment to Haiti 1811    shipment to Haiti 1812    shipment to Haiti 1813    shipment to Haiti 1814    shipment to Haiti 1821

Ladies Group from St. Paul Lutheran church in Beloit WI.,
                           Made School bags for the children of Haiti Thank You to all.

Bags for Haitis Children 001    Bags for Haitis Children 002    Bags for Haitis Children 003   Bags for Haitis Children 004    Bags for Haitis Children 005

 Bags for Haitis Children 006    Bags for Haitis Children 007    Bags for Haitis Children 008    Bags for Haitis Children 009    Bags for Haitis Children 010

 Bags for Haitis Children 011    Bags for Haitis Children 012    Bags for Haitis Children 013    Bags for Haitis Children 014

Haiti's Water Truck Video