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Beautiful young woman, either born with a disability, neglect from family, or earthquake causing disability. This school takes in the woman for free. There families cast them aside as if they didn't exist. In Haiti it is a stigma to have a disability. They are taught, cooking and sewing and every day life tasks, so they can be independent. Please help us reach out - consider being a sponsor.

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A very happy and grateful family - one of the sponsors sent money to buy food for the family - 80% of the farms were washed out in this area after hurricane Sandy.

food for the family 1      food for the family 2       food for the family 3

Visiting the kids in the mountains today, to find out one of our kids hasn't been in school for the last two weeks. The teacher said he either has Sickle Cell Anemia, or TB. Went and visited the little guy at home. Found out he was up in the tree getting fruit and had fallen out. Took him to the doctor, blood tests, x-rays. Some anti-inflamatory meds and he'll be fine in a few days.

Child in Haitian Mountian 1      Child in Haitian Mountian 2      Child in Haitian Mountian 3

Food Distribution today in our community. We made up 200 bags, basically two meals for a family of five. There is no easy way to give out food. Pushing, shoving, lewd comments - it's never enough. We will never understand the desperation and the need.

Feeding Haitian children 1     Feeding Haitian children 2     Feeding Haitian children 3     Feeding Haitian children 4

Feeding Haitian children 5     Feeding Haitian children 6     Feeding Haitian children 7     Feeding Haitian children 8

Trying to make a difference, not just a band-aide. Our hopes is to partner with World Harvest and build a nutrition center in this area in the mountains, where children are dying daily of malnutrition.

organized chaos

Getting ready for another distribution. Anyone want to come and help?

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After careful planning, organizing, and packing food (spaghetti, sauce, rice, beans, oil, sardines) for two days - Through Organized Chaos we handed out 5265 meals yesterday in several villages in the mountains. Looking at a long term plan of building a Nutrition center to help continue the process of getting food here to help fight malnutrition. (70% of the crops were destroyed from hurricane Sandy)

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 HCI and New Life children's Home is working together to help the children in the mountains: KWASHIORKOR is malnutrition caused by a lack of protein and much more. We and doctors and hospitals here have seen and treated thousands of cases and seen many cases live while others arrive too late and die which is heartbreaking. The mountains are full of these cases as well as Marasmus malnutrition where they lose weight from no food. We have a group of people going to the mountains this week to seek out the children in need and bring food and med's to be distributed among several villages. Please consider working with us in bringing nutrition and med's to these children. Please donate to HCI (earmark for the children)www.haitischildren.org or go on New Life's website to see how to donate. www.newlife4kids.org

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 Long drive from PAP - thank you for the prayers. We were held up for a while by manifestations/road blocks until the police and UN showed up and got traffic moving.

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First day of clinics - what a fantastic day at the Nursing Home in Les Cayes. What a gentle sweetness with the
residents and Pastor - here's a great opportunity to share your support

Nursing home 1      Nursing home 2      Nursing home 3    Nursing home 4     Nursing home 5

Nursing home 7     Nursing home 8     Nursing home 9     Nursing home 10

Haiti's Children Inc Thank you to all of you who helped with our Annual Pig Roast / Fund Raising event for Haiti. We had a great time and lots of donations. God is good.

Pig Roast picture 1    Pig Roast picture 2   Pig Roast picture 3   Pig Roast picture 4

 Pig Roast picture 5   Pig Roast picture 6   Pig Roast picture 7   Pig Roast picture 8

Pig Roast picture 9   Pig Roast picture 10   Pig Roast picture 11   Pig Roast picture 12

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I am so thrilled to promote the inspiring example of the employees at JRS_Distributors. Sue is a caring lady who knew of my early trips to Haiti and wanted to donate what she could.  She started and others soon joined her in crocheting wash cloths (pattern posted).  Now during breaks you see women crocheting.  Barb started doing it at home too and has inspired her daughter to crochet as well.
Sue added some discontinued backpacks from the company, purchased some school supplies and added gently used clothing.  She was thrilled to see her own enthusiasm mushroom into a company- wide drive. 
I took photos of the students receiving these generous donations and sent back a DVD so the employees would see the Haitians appreciation.  That moved them to link HCI with their annual staff wellness campaign, promoting healthy body and mind – each employee was asked to contribute 5 wash cloths or $5 in school supplies or cash.  This global outreach is in addition to all the support given to their local community programs.  At first, a small box at the front entrance was enough, then full bags were soon beside the bigger box, then Suppliers added their own contributions.
When their campaign drew to a close, they asked me to come explain about our ministry during a potluck lunch hour.  I was honored to describe how they were making a difference.  They signed up to sponsor some children, donated for the container’s shipping cost, and asked about forming a team to come for a week of action next winter, all because they caught the passion of their colleague, Sue.

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Do you remember Dichely: She was the baby (@ 5 months old) we found abandoned in a box on the side of the road 2 years ago. With the help of sponsors we have been able to help provide Dichely and the family that is raising her. I thought you might enjoy some pictures (watch her grow). She is almost 3 now and is starting to come out of her shell. She's a beautiful baby

mebsh Baby 2  mebsh Baby 2  mebsh Baby 3

 mebsh Baby 1  mebsh Baby a20  mebsh Baby a21  mebsh Baby a22

Pig Roast 2011

Pig Roast 2011 - 057     Pig Roast 2011 - 058     Pig Roast 2011 - 059     Pig Roast 2011 - 060     Pig Roast 2011 - 061

Pig Roast 2011 - 062     Pig Roast 2011 - 063     Pig Roast 2011 - 064     Pig Roast 2011 - 065     Pig Roast 2011 - 066

2011-9-6 Blessings

1 Corinthians 12:4-7
Now there are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but it is the same Holy Spirit who is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service in the church, but it is the same Lord we are serving. There are different ways God works in our lives, but it is the same God who does the work through all of us. A spiritual gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church.

We have truly been blessed by the gifts that God has given to us all. From Go Missions (Agape Flights) who has unbelievably continued to get things to the missionaries in Haiti. The volunteers that shop for the strangest things we ask for. The gifts of donations and grants. To organizations that help us feed the people in Haiti and provide medical attention. To each of our sponsors for the children, that give them an opportunity to develop: mind; body and spirit. And to the beautiful people (All of you) who take the time out to pray and support us.

I arrived back in Haiti and was shocked? amazed? astonished? curious? ok folks, help me out here... yeah, I'm at a loss for words. There were 29 boxes of unbelievable blessings.
The ladies in Beloit (Our Savior) , JRS_Dist (Racine) & Lake Geneva (Chapel on the Hill) - crocheted/knitted wash cloths for our children and mobile medical clinics. (not to mention the M&M's packed - hidden amongst the wash cloths for me). The beautiful sun dresses provided by Chapel on the Hill, Haiti Care Mission and Trinity (Hustler/Fountain) - the children just absolutely adore these dresses. They are absolutely beautiful (made from pillow cases). Haiti Care Mission also sent us sleeping mats for children and adults that sleep on the ground (dirt floors). And I couldn't believe it when I opened the boxes from Trinity - Fountain/Hustler - there were shorts/capris, not any kind of shorts/capris, look at these pictures: they were made from (are you ready for this...) T-Shirts.
Thank you so much for the blessings. I can't wait to get them out to the children and people here in Haiti and to share your expression of God's love to each and every one of them.

Blessings 2011 - 001     Blessings 2011 - 002     Blessings 2011 - 003     Blessings 2011 - 005     Blessings 2011 - 006

Blessings 2011 - 007     Blessings 2011 - 008     Blessings 2011 - 009     Blessings 2011 - 010

Blessings 2011 - 011     Blessings 2011 - 012    Blessings 2011 - 013     Blessings 2011 - 014